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New channel, New video

Well, I put my ass to work really hard for like a week or so, and I recorded the first video for my new channel, where I'll be uploading original stuff every once in a while, be sure to check it out.

I used a Behringer XENYX 302USB and a XM8500 to record, and a Washburn WI14, no amps, just VST's, free VSTs like LePou LeGion and LeCab, which are just a beast!!! I'll be posting some reviews on the interface and the mic

I recorded the whole video with............just 1 webcam!!!! a Logitech c270, this is what I achieved with a lot of patience, time and imagination (as fucking silly as it may sound)

Let me know what you think, give a thumbs up, comment and suscribe if you liked it, more videos will come sooner or later to this channel

Cheers!!!! \m/