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New channel, New video

Well, I put my ass to work really hard for like a week or so, and I recorded the first video for my new channel, where I'll be uploading original stuff every once in a while, be sure to check it out.

I used a Behringer XENYX 302USB and a XM8500 to record, and a Washburn WI14, no amps, just VST's, free VSTs like LePou LeGion and LeCab, which are just a beast!!! I'll be posting some reviews on the interface and the mic

I recorded the whole video with............just 1 webcam!!!! a Logitech c270, this is what I achieved with a lot of patience, time and imagination (as fucking silly as it may sound)

Let me know what you think, give a thumbs up, comment and suscribe if you liked it, more videos will come sooner or later to this channel

Cheers!!!! \m/

Only Misfits Backing Tracks ... My little collaboration for other musicians

First of all, I Apologize for my long absence, I've been struggling with some health issues, I WAS BLEEDING LIKE A RAPED WH*RE!!! Lol, but I'm back again!! and I'm bringing a few gifts for those Misfits and Backing Tracks lovers!!

You'll see, I've recorded a few Misfits tracks in order to practice my mixing/playing/creative skills, and I thought it would be a cool idea if I also make them backing tracks, they are really useful tools for guitar I thought.....what the hell, let's do it!!

The songs are:

American Psycho
Astro Zombies
Dig Up Her Bones
Lost In Space
Saturday Night
Teenagers From Mars
The Haunting

You can download them by clicking on the song you want!!

I also want to point out that I also sent those tracks directly to an excellent site called , you can see that there's also a profile from me (1000% verified, No BS, the original Orion Hellraiser is ther…

Online Piracy??

January 20th 2012, we all witnessed an act of autoritarism from the U.S.A goverment. seems like they are the kings of the world, that they have the power to control the entire world.....

I don't mind if Kim Dotcom was even selling drugs, fucking the president's mom.......I don't really care, what pisses me off the most is that they're trying to control the internet, the ultimate tool of knowledge and freedom that we all have is being forbidden in such a degree that they don't know when is the piracy causing damage and when the users are being violated in their personal life.

The fuck with what was Megaupload involved with!!! is that the kind of security we are having with the new almighty "Cloud Storage"? if some stupid guys upload "copyrighted" material to our favorite file host (Megaupload, Mediafire, SkyDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc) the FBI can take our personal information without any advice and permission whether if we are americans o…

My top 5 favorite metal bands of all time

Well, first of all read the title........that's right MY favorite bands are listed here, I'm not claiming that they are the best in the whole fucking world, but they are to my personal taste.

Everyone (at least in my opinion) that is hooked up with some band or genre, is because the music touched them in the best or worst moment of their life, like Lemmy Kilmister once said.......There are only two genres of music, the one that you like and the one that you don't like, so here I'll list the ones that mean a lot to me, I wish that I could list at least 30, but, it's a little bit more practical to handle a number of 5 don't you think?

No. 5 - VENOM

One of my favorite Metal bands, They have an special sense of aggression and melody that no other Black Metal/Thrash Metal/Speed Metal band has (as far as my personal taste goes), they are just admirable, I love every stuff that they released with Chronos.....and maybe the album "Prime Evil" too, They bring a …

Dr. Phibes Rises Again - The Misfits Covers Demo

First of all, let me apologize about the long, LOOOOOOOONG absence here, I've had some health issues, as a lot of work as well, but I'm back!! Now, I'll be posting new stuff Monday mornings

Let me introduce to all of you an "album" (if we can call it that way) made entirely by myself, containing all of the experimental covers that I made around the late 2010's and  during 2011.

I first made some tracks exclusively for because everyone lacked of Misfits backing tracks, and I really love to play their songs, so I thought........what the Fuck?!!! let's have some fun, reccord those tracks and then do whatever I like to them.

Once the tracks (as backing tracks) were finished, I did whatever arranges were needed and then, I kept them for my personal use (some tracks were uploaded to youtube to experiment a little bit).

Then I reunite the best tracks (or in some cases, just the ones that had an special meaning for me) to make some kin…