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Introducing: Dark Victory Records!!

I'm kind of a control freak you know? If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!! and when it's about my music, my babies....then i'm tooking no fucking exception!!

In the spirit of it, I've created Dark Victory Records, which will take care of my releases as well as the releases of a couple more artists (Satanic Butcher, Death of Innocents) and will be the home of many other bands releases as well (hopefully).

I'll be in control of producing those albums and of the artists as well, and this means one thing only.....FREEDOM!! we all want that isn't it? I think we all agree that we deserve better music, we need to push the artists and audience further, there are a lot of amazing artists here on Mexico, and be pretty damn sure as hell that if they ever step foot on Dark Victory Records, we'll make their fierce sound be heard.

So, stay tuned, we'll announce the first release on Dark Victory Records and hell, you'll better watch out! th…