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Talking about band reunions....

Hi there mötherfuckerz!!! tonight I´ll talk about band reunions, Money? Fame?? I don´t give a shit, but we all want some reunions to happen, and we always wanted some reunions that we know they´ll never happen.

First of all, Black Sabbath, one of my all favorite bands are playing together one more time since 2005, they made it official on the video above, they are coming back with a world tour, original members and a new record, produced by the legendary band resurrecter Rick Rubin, I don´t know about you guys, but I´m pretty excited about it, but looking at the realistic and bad side of the much can my Idols can take?? I don´t want to be disrespectful with a legend such as Bill Ward, but I think that he will be the first to fall due to his past, he has fallen a lot of times on the past......can he stand a world tour?? I only can wish him the best,  On the other hand, Iommi and Butler are fucking beasts on the stage! I can´t worry that much about them, they were born…

Cabinet Impulses??.....What the fuck is that??

First of all I want to say thanks to youtube user fearcomplexmusic, that showed how simple is to get an awesome sound in just a matter of seconds, so simple as shit.

WTF are cabinet impulses man??!! well, if you record music like me, you may be familiar to DAW´s (Digital Audio Workstations) like Nuendo, ProTools, Reaper, Cubase, etc (I personally use Magix Samplitude 10), and know that they all work under third party plug-ins.

As a guitar player some useful plug-ins are Amplitube 3, Revalver MkIII, GTR3 (they have some kind of sexual feeling around the number 3 uh?) they are all fucking great, but if you compare them side to side with real´ll know that it lacks of sounds like shit honestly.

As you can see above a real guitar signal chain goes through the tuner, effects, and then it goes to the head, the head goes into the cabinet, then the cabinet is recorded with a mic, so that what you hear as the final product, The amp sims mentioned early, does ever…

The Haunting (Misfits Cover)

Ok, I´ll be posting some useful shit in the near future, but I wanted to talk about this song I did not so long ago.

I was having a hard time right before this song, by the lyrics in some point I felt identified, and I fucking loved the song, so I decided to make it quick, to make it fun, the result was better than expected (It took me about 4 hours) and I think it went pretty cool.

I´ll post some really interesting stuff that musicians might like in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!!