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Only Misfits Backing Tracks ... My little collaboration for other musicians

First of all, I Apologize for my long absence, I've been struggling with some health issues, I WAS BLEEDING LIKE A RAPED WH*RE!!! Lol, but I'm back again!! and I'm bringing a few gifts for those Misfits and Backing Tracks lovers!!

You'll see, I've recorded a few Misfits tracks in order to practice my mixing/playing/creative skills, and I thought it would be a cool idea if I also make them backing tracks, they are really useful tools for guitar I thought.....what the hell, let's do it!!

The songs are:

American Psycho
Astro Zombies
Dig Up Her Bones
Lost In Space
Saturday Night
Teenagers From Mars
The Haunting

You can download them by clicking on the song you want!!

I also want to point out that I also sent those tracks directly to an excellent site called , you can see that there's also a profile from me (1000% verified, No BS, the original Orion Hellraiser is ther…