Only Misfits Backing Tracks ... My little collaboration for other musicians

First of all, I Apologize for my long absence, I've been struggling with some health issues, I WAS BLEEDING LIKE A RAPED WH*RE!!! Lol, but I'm back again!! and I'm bringing a few gifts for those Misfits and Backing Tracks lovers!!

You'll see, I've recorded a few Misfits tracks in order to practice my mixing/playing/creative skills, and I thought it would be a cool idea if I also make them backing tracks, they are really useful tools for guitar I thought.....what the hell, let's do it!!

The songs are:

American Psycho
Astro Zombies
Dig Up Her Bones
Lost In Space
Saturday Night
Teenagers From Mars
The Haunting

You can download them by clicking on the song you want!!

I also want to point out that I also sent those tracks directly to an excellent site called , you can see that there's also a profile from me (1000% verified, No BS, the original Orion Hellraiser is there collaborating)

I did my best at the time, recording songs and making the drums, are just a fucking pain in the's fun but it's damn hard!! nevertheless, they are free to download, I made those tracks all by myself playing every instrument (well, you only hear the bass and drums right?) I didn't write the music, the music comes from an amazing band called The Misfits, you should hear them, praise them, and fuck!!! you'll maybe end up buying their cd's like I do, that's the only music that worths your money and not stupid shit like Lady CACA or Justin's like throwing your money to the dumpster and wait until your braincells dies slowly.

The only rules for using the backing tracks are.........JUST HAVE FUN!!! I don't give a shit about you giving me credit, use them anyway you want, I recognize the shit I do when I hear it.....and if I get the chance to hear you playing with my backing tracks......that's all the payment I need in the goddamn world.

Have fun!!!

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