The amazing Behringer XENYX 302USB review - Awesome noob gear Pt. 1

Well, there isn't quite an extensive review about this really cheap and affordable piece of gear from Behringer (kinda becoming my favorite brand).

There are a lot of stuff to say that no one has said about this little mixer on the web, that I'll be making this multi-part review for all of you.

This is a mini Mixer/USB Interface that can really kick major ass if you know how to use this. it has a combo input for both 1/4 instrument jack and XLR that provides up to 16v of phantom power (I'll address this in a few moments) Recording electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and vocals in a professional way for less than 60 dollars (at the time of writing this post).

But.....don't get fooled by my awesome words about this product, it has its limitations, like for instance, if you see the review on the video above (or even Behringer's website) it claims to be a 5 input can mix up to five channels, hell yeah, but in a really complex and unpractical way.

The PC only detects 2 inputs, being the left and right channel, that is some kind of disillusion, but if you're creative enough, you'll give it a good use.

There's no need for drivers on Windows or Mac, as soon as you plug this little mixer it will be instantly recognized as an USB audio device right out of the box and will be ready to record anything you goddamn want, it is powered by the USB wire that comes included (that also is the same that is used to connect some printers, so it's kinda easy to find if you lose it), has a 2-band EQ, that is most like a "High Shelf" and "Low Shelf" EQ that really pops out like a nice extra touch to shape your sound.

Now it comes the ugly part of the story.........the mistakes and limitations for this device might be a letdown for some people, but believe me, you can deal with some of this stuff:

-The 16v phantom power that this device's just pretty useless for some condenser mics, some might work, but I recommend to use this only with Dynamic Mics (I really love how the XM8500 sounds on this thing )

-The panning control isn't that great, I can maybe say that if you put the slider all the way to one side, it might pan the sound a 95%.........not a 100%

-You might find some "hiss" issues if you put the knobs above let's say 60-70% of their capacity, the important thing is that the "hiss" isn't present on the recorded file, but it is present on the monitoring side, which is one of its biggest letdowns

-And the most really annoying thing when you're recording guitar or bass is that..........there's no way in hell that the unprocessed signal may not be heard natively on this interface, that's the only part of "mixer" on this product where I really really was disappointed.

But don't get me wrong, if you know how to use this in a proper way, even the biggest disappointment can disappear and this might be one of your biggest allies on the world of home audio production, and that's the reason why I'm recommending this product.

I recorded the "September 20th" song (on the video below) entirely on this device, probing that it works besides its limitations.......check out the next part on this review to see how I dealt with those limitations and what other possibilities this product has.

You can find this awesome product on Amazon for the cheapest price I've seen, check it right here or by clicking on the publicity below


  1. Can I record into my computer using only the usb cable? I mean, if I plug my synthesizer into the audio ins of the behringer, will audio go through the usb cable into my computer? or is the usb just to give it power and I would have to use audio cables into the computer? thanks!!! hard to find an answer to this question, hope it's not too dumb a question. thanks again!

  2. I have been trying to find an answer to this exact same question with no luck. I "think" audio through USB goes only one way (i.e. from PC to mixer) and you choose to mix either a line in or a "usb" in to the main mic channel.
    If audio went up to the mixer by USB it would be like a sound card and have AD converters which it clearly does not have

  3. "The PC only detects 2 inputs, being the left and right channel, that is some kind of disillusion, but if you're creative enough, you'll give it a good use."

    It's an usb capture Device, so yes, "audio will go through USB cable to you're computer" if that's the way you call it.

  4. Yes, this has a built-in soundcard as well. I have tried and tested and it works great.

  5. Yes, this has a built-in soundcard as well. I have tried and tested and it works great.

  6. "there's no way in hell that the unprocessed signal may not be heard natively on this interface, that's the only part of "mixer" on this product" - I want to know how!

    1. I'll make a detailed post on that in the future, but for now I'll leave a quick explanation on this

      install ASIO4ALL

      open your DAW, check your audio settings, and be sure to check that ASIO4ALL driver is set as default.

      Open the ASIO configuration panel and once the window opens, switch to "advanced"

      Disable the output of the Behringer device but leave the input enabled, enable your built-in audio card (or any other audio card) output and disable the input.

      It works out fine, but you have to plug your speakers ro your old audio device, NOT the behringer one, and voilá you have only the processed signal in order to play or record live in real time, hope it helps!

    2. THANK YOU! You saved me lots of frustration :) The thing is I use FL studio as my DAW. I want to record many layers of vocals. Using your method I record the first layer, then play it and record another. However I would like to hear myself in the headphones while recording the second layer, is that possible? Thanks in Advance!

    3. OK, yes i made it at the first attempt when i saw this &@3&"/$!! thing.. and i had connected the audio amp to the speaker out of the old sound card but latency was twice.

  7. Thanks man!...yes, i highly agree that theres no way for you to disable unprocessed signal..i just bought usb 302 yesterday and your post really helps me to figure out things..thanks again!

  8. Hey man, I think I bought the wrong card for my usage, you see I'm a keyboardist who only uses his laptop and an m audio usb controller..The thing is, that I thought that this would be useful to send my audio out directly via usb to the PA system or something, and also have some headphone monitoring, but the thing is that this mixer doesn't work with ASIO4ALL drivers, so i'm having a massive latency problem, which I don't know how to solve! A little help please! :(

  9. This device does work with ASIO4ALL drivers. You can send the signal out through the RCA & monitor through headphones in real time. It can be used live / Studio.
    I really enjoy using this product its mean!


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