Wanna make a wise investment? record guitar with the Logitech c270

When you start on the recording music world, the first issue you front is "F*ck!! I don't have enough money to afford this things", but the most important thing even with pro equipment comes down to........creativty, and if you're creative enough, you can make amazing things from stuff that others might point as "unthinkable crap".

Before I got the XM8500 to record my acoustic guitar, I was kinda interested on buying a cheap HD webcam, as the regular consumer I always look for the cheapest 8th wonder of the world that might be some times impossible.......but I think I got more than what I paid with the Logitech c270 that was under 40 Dollars

It's not the best webcam.....but it gets the job done, it has a 720p resolution (but kinda noisy image), it has some color correction, but then I found that it had a built in microphone that the system detected, and I really wanted to do some tests with it.

I put the c270 mic as default on windows (it also works great on a mac) and I fooled around with my acoustic guitar and putting the webcam mic somewhere near the 12th freat and about 4 or 5 inches far from the guitar, then I recorded a cover from Metallica called "Low Man's lyric", with some dedication I got this:

It's really interesting to see that I got a really helpful device that served as an awesome mic and camera, hopefully you can get more creative than I and make even more awesome things, in my opinion, all arts (specially the music) it's about the passion, the love, the inventiveness and it doesn't matter to get 1st class products to get a decent result, it always comes down to taste, dedication and creativity.

I'll explain the process behind setting the webcam mic to record on Windows and Mac soon, so you might want to check out this blog sooner than what you think.

You can find this amazing webcam on amazon right here for just 28,99 dollars, you can also click the amazon ad below to see more details


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