Labels get Fake Views on Youtube

While we saw the rise of the "Gangnam Style" last year achieving the unbelievable number of 1 Billion views in just a couple of months, the even more unbelievable number of 2 Billion fake views were stripped from label channels such as Universal Music Group, Sony and RCA Records acording to the Bobby Owsinsky Music 3.0 blog

I gotta say.......I'm not surprised, but I'm glad that we live in an era where the internet freedom allows people to choose what is best for them, we are no longer on the years where Labels, T.V. and Radio decides what's best for us by just receiving in some cases money from untalented artists to get airplay.

I personally don't like that stupid "Gangnam Style" song, but it's kinda cool to see how an artist that was certainly unknown on many countries achieved a worldwide success by just the word of mouth, and that's the cool part of this new era of music.

Be sure to check out the Music 3.0 blog, it's amazing and it has really valuable relevant information.

See ya!!


  1. It's about time that the public hear about this, people have been selling youtube views since 2006 lol!


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