The Behringer XM8500 Review - Awesome noob gear

This mic is really aimed for recording enthusiasts, but it really works great in almost any studio application you may want, the purpose behind the reviews for "noobs" here, is to start with the cheapest RIGHT products that will do the job, and will last a long time..........what a better way to do this than reviewing the Behringer XM8500.

There's almost nothing bad to say about this product, it's under 50 dollars too....but I could easily pay twice the price for a product of this quality.

The first thing that you'll notice about this is the amazing build quality, it feels heavy and it ensures durability and quality, this is the first right step for beginners (and not so beginners) that wants a mic that really stands out for vocals and instruments.

It has an incredibly wide frequency response from 50 hz to 15 khz that make things sound clearer and cleaner, it's a cardioloid dynamic mic. I should recommend this mic as the first choice for a person that has never bought a mic before and wants to give it a shot.

Another plus that the product has, it's a hard case for the mic that most "pro" mics are missing, it's a really valuable item to keep that mic safe for a long looooong f*cking time, it also includes its own mic stand adapter (such as most mics).

Like I said before, there are almost nothing bad to say about this product, except for the noise created when you hold the mic, that's a big pain in the ass that asks you to buy at least a cheap mic holder, that's the only bad thing I found on this product.

I used it on acoustic guitar recordings and it sounds really really great, I also used it on the "September 20th" song where I blended the acoustic nylon guitar with a clean chorus guitar.......and I really liked how it turned out, alongside with the Behringer XENYX 302USB it really kicked ass for an amateur recording.

You can find this amazing dynamic mic on amazon right here for just ....... 21,99 Dollars!! you can also click on the amazon publicity below to see more details


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