My top 5 favorite metal bands of all time

Well, first of all read the title........that's right MY favorite bands are listed here, I'm not claiming that they are the best in the whole fucking world, but they are to my personal taste.

Everyone (at least in my opinion) that is hooked up with some band or genre, is because the music touched them in the best or worst moment of their life, like Lemmy Kilmister once said.......There are only two genres of music, the one that you like and the one that you don't like, so here I'll list the ones that mean a lot to me, I wish that I could list at least 30, but, it's a little bit more practical to handle a number of 5 don't you think?

No. 5 - VENOM

One of my favorite Metal bands, They have an special sense of aggression and melody that no other Black Metal/Thrash Metal/Speed Metal band has (as far as my personal taste goes), they are just admirable, I love every stuff that they released with Chronos.....and maybe the album "Prime Evil" too, They bring a lot of power, they can't disappoint us with every work they release

No. 4 - SAXON

Well, this band needs no introduction, they are the masters of reinvention, they are one of the few bands that I know that just keeps getting better and better with every album they release, awesome riffs, awesome voice and awesome melodies are the formula of one of the most underrated and talented bands of all time, but you got to admit that at least, if you are a real Saxon fan, then you are a loyal fan and with awesome taste in music. that said........SAXON FUCKING RULES!!!


I first heard Motörhead a long time ago, the first song that I ever heard was "Overkill", they just blew my mind with those fucking drumz from hell, that aggressive distorted bass, and that fucking awesome voice just defined an era in my music gallery, I'm pretty obsessed with the order of hearing a band's music, when I find a band that I love, i just get every single album and I hear them in chronological order, just when I thought that Motörhead stucked in the same great sound, they released "Orgasmatron" and they blew my mind again, and then they started to make even more awesome albums, they can be a really good versatile band, and at the same time they please the audience with that original sound that we all love, I just love Motörhead.


God.....they just fucking rule.....I mean, Iommi is just a genius, I don't know how he keep creating such amazing riffs, even out of Black Sabbath he is just amazing and a constant inspiration for me as a guitar player, and then amazing musicians such as Geezer Butler who made the most amazing catchy bass lines that I ever heard in my life, Bill Ward with a jazzy style that even today no metal player have dare to try again, and the we have Ozzy that maybe was the less talented of all, but he had the charisma and the rare voice that gave the songs a "doomy" sound that was just amazing.

Then we had the other Sabbath that I love, with the adition od Vinnie Appice on the drums, so precise, such a genius, and then we had Ronnie James Dio with the most amazing voice that you could ever hear in your life, he was capable of singing amazing fast, heavy and melodic tunes on the Sabbath catalogue, they are an iconic band for me that influenced every single metal band on the earth and every single metal guitar player.


Love them or hate them, they'll always be the band that made me pick a guitar for the first time ever, I'm one of the few people that really digged St. Anger, Load and ReLoad, they are the most daring band.....some guys out there say that they sold themselves with every new release they make, but fuck.......they don't wanna play pop.....they make metal mainstream with magnificent music.......why the fuck somebody would pick as their first single a metal song of about 8 minutes?? that¡s the most stupid reason to say "FUCK!! METALLICA SOLD OUT!!!, they just do what they want they way they want it, ...and that's having balls my friends, that's why I love this band, because I know that with every new release, I'll hear another completely different band......if you just love "Master Of Puppets" and want to hear the old school Metallica.......then hear only old school Metallica, because the best part of this band is that they reinvent themselves year after year....

Once again, this is MY PERSONAL LIST, and I picked 5 because I want to keep it simple, Id love to include even more bands that I really love, like Angel Witch, Exodus, Megadeth, Danzig, Slayer, Candlemass, Napalm Death.......and the list goes on and on......that's why i picked only 5

Hope you dig this post, and if you have your own list, please let me know!!

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