Dr. Phibes Rises Again - The Misfits Covers Demo

First of all, let me apologize about the long, LOOOOOOOONG absence here, I've had some health issues, as a lot of work as well, but I'm back!! Now, I'll be posting new stuff Monday mornings

Let me introduce to all of you an "album" (if we can call it that way) made entirely by myself, containing all of the experimental covers that I made around the late 2010's and  during 2011.

I first made some tracks exclusively for www.guitarbackingtrack.com because everyone lacked of Misfits backing tracks, and I really love to play their songs, so I thought........what the Fuck?!!! let's have some fun, reccord those tracks and then do whatever I like to them.

Once the tracks (as backing tracks) were finished, I did whatever arranges were needed and then, I kept them for my personal use (some tracks were uploaded to youtube to experiment a little bit).

Then I reunite the best tracks (or in some cases, just the ones that had an special meaning for me) to make some kind of "album"  for the newly created Taringa! music site, then I decided that I would later publish it on last.fm

All tracks obviously were low budget, I only had one shitty stratocaster-alike guitar that costed under 100 bucks at the time, and I made the tracks with superior drummer 2.0, and the bass was my guitar tuned 12 steps down with a plugin, I hope that you enjoy it.

Hear the backing tracks - http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/author/Orion_Hellraiser.htm

Hear the album on Last.fm - http://www.last.fm/music/Orion+Hellraiser/Dr.+Phibes+Attacks+Again+-+The+Misfits+Covers+Demo
Hear it on Taringa! - http://www.taringa.net/musica/559-Dr_-Phibes-Attacks-Again---The-Misfits-Covers-Demo/

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