Online Piracy??

January 20th 2012, we all witnessed an act of autoritarism from the U.S.A goverment. seems like they are the kings of the world, that they have the power to control the entire world.....

I don't mind if Kim Dotcom was even selling drugs, fucking the president's mom.......I don't really care, what pisses me off the most is that they're trying to control the internet, the ultimate tool of knowledge and freedom that we all have is being forbidden in such a degree that they don't know when is the piracy causing damage and when the users are being violated in their personal life.

The fuck with what was Megaupload involved with!!! is that the kind of security we are having with the new almighty "Cloud Storage"? if some stupid guys upload "copyrighted" material to our favorite file host (Megaupload, Mediafire, SkyDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc) the FBI can take our personal information without any advice and permission whether if we are americans or not?

When the Megaupload event appeared in January and the FBI told via the internet the reasons.....It was really unbelievable.....Megaupload made an specific, economic plan to encourage and take advantage from piracy??!! WTF?!!! that was the most stupid thing they could a matter of fact, I think that hosts like RAPIDSHARE, FILESERVE, 4SHARED and others should've been shutted down in that way, not Megaupload....

The RIAA and the DMCA are the people that want to control the market the same way they did in the XX century.....but guess what?? we're on the XX1 century!!

Wanna fight piracy?? look at iTunes and Netflix!! they contributed in a large way to the market making high quality content available for everyone....don't you get it??

Piracy it's just the reflection of the economy on the world, and it shows what are the industry doing wrong, why buy a CD for $15 when you can have it for free......and besides, taking the risk that the CD that you bought sounds like crap?? that's scamming people legally....

On the other hand....some people were doing things right and offering super-rare HQ music for $0.99 and made us think....."wow, I really dig that, maybe I'll give it a shot"

Internet can be a risky and dangerous tool without any control on it, pedophiles, murders, drug dealers, stalkers.....but it proved to be an awesome tool for people around the world, where you could find stuff that you could only, music, videos and techology that were unavailable for must of us.

When you find something that really worths your just buy it, if you don't, then you save your money for something that really worths it, THAT'S IT!!!

The CISPA law has been approved.....but good luck U.S.A. let's see if you have the infrastructure to do what you think you can do in all the world, let's see if your money worths to put in jail people that downloaded a movie that they don't even liked it, a crappy CD to know how it sounded before they wasted their money.........let's see if that kind of piracy worths all your resources instead of taking care of terrorists, rapers, murders, scammers, pedophiles, kidnappers.......because Warner, Sony, EMI and more just care about the money isn't it?? they just care about their business and not the people......right?

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