Let me introduce Myself...

Hi there, I´m Orion Hellraiser, a young weird musician who enjoys the good music, mainly the Metal Music, Classical, Hard Rock, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Grunge and some Country music.

I´m mainly a guitar player, but I had to learn how to play some bass, some piano (I´m not that good) and some drums, I´ve played guitar since I was 12 (that was Metallica´s fault) and I´ve been composing some songs on my own since then.

I´ve created this blog to share a couple of thoughts, some material, some tips, and some other shit, I would love to learn from whoever reads this stupid blog, and hopefully teach some stuff that I learned as the years passed by.

So I hope you like some of my stuff and I´ll promise to do some interesting stuff (maybe some striptease lol ), so have fun and let me hear what you think \m/


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