Posting a few kick-ass heavy metal demos - "Angels & Demons (Instrumental)" By Orion Hellraiser

This is one of my favorite songs, the only one to this date planned to be completely instrumental, which was one of my dreams back when I started to play music and I was only 12 years old banging my head listening to some Metallica songs.

Fun fact is that I created this song by accident, when I was jamming and goofing around with Black Sabbath's "Children of the Sea" which starts with a D Minor chord and it suddenly became the main riff when the distortion starts by refining some notes to my liking.

Sometimes I think that I might be the only one in the world that actually loves the "Lulu" collaboration from Metallica and Lou Reed, and to prove it, this song was largely inspired by the song "Dragon" from that album.

It's hard to say what was exactly going on inside my head at the time, it was a very difficult time in my life when I finished this song, and back when I saw how the song was progressing ....I actually forgot everything else, I was so mezmerized by the riffs and the melody that I forgot everything else, that's why I love music and I'll keep doing this until the day I day

It's also hard to say which songs inspired me to make this one, I had some Saxon, Metallica, Beethoven, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Angel Witch running on my head, I just mix everything in my mind to create something that I really love....

The title (such as many other songs that I made) was conceived by the sound, I wanted to portray some tranquility and chaos, a beautiful chaos, and I remembered Dan Brown's book entitled "Angels and Demons", and the title of the book (just the title!) described everything perfectly on the song, so I used it.

As far as the animation goes, it was inspired by the "Angels & Demons" logo I created shortly after the song was conceived, which was simple.... but I loved it, and it largely described the song also.

If you're interested on the animation, please check out this guys which template I modified to create the really really cool animation on After Effects

New demo NEXT MONDAY!!


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