Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Compressorhead Band ACE OF SPADES!!

A really awesome work by making robots playing the famous Motörhead song "Ace of Spades" while it's kinda brilliant, we can see why machines and computers can't emulate the feeling that only a human can put into a song......and not to say that no one can copy Lemmy!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wanna make a wise investment? record guitar with the Logitech c270

When you start on the recording music world, the first issue you front is "F*ck!! I don't have enough money to afford this things", but the most important thing even with pro equipment comes down to........creativty, and if you're creative enough, you can make amazing things from stuff that others might point as "unthinkable crap".

Before I got the XM8500 to record my acoustic guitar, I was kinda interested on buying a cheap HD webcam, as the regular consumer I always look for the cheapest 8th wonder of the world that might be some times impossible.......but I think I got more than what I paid with the Logitech c270 that was under 40 Dollars

It's not the best webcam.....but it gets the job done, it has a 720p resolution (but kinda noisy image), it has some color correction, but then I found that it had a built in microphone that the system detected, and I really wanted to do some tests with it.

I put the c270 mic as default on windows (it also works great on a mac) and I fooled around with my acoustic guitar and putting the webcam mic somewhere near the 12th freat and about 4 or 5 inches far from the guitar, then I recorded a cover from Metallica called "Low Man's lyric", with some dedication I got this:

It's really interesting to see that I got a really helpful device that served as an awesome mic and camera, hopefully you can get more creative than I and make even more awesome things, in my opinion, all arts (specially the music) it's about the passion, the love, the inventiveness and it doesn't matter to get 1st class products to get a decent result, it always comes down to taste, dedication and creativity.

I'll explain the process behind setting the webcam mic to record on Windows and Mac soon, so you might want to check out this blog sooner than what you think.

You can find this amazing webcam on amazon right here for just 28,99 dollars, you can also click the amazon ad below to see more details

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Labels get Fake Views on Youtube

While we saw the rise of the "Gangnam Style" last year achieving the unbelievable number of 1 Billion views in just a couple of months, the even more unbelievable number of 2 Billion fake views were stripped from label channels such as Universal Music Group, Sony and RCA Records acording to the Bobby Owsinsky Music 3.0 blog

I gotta say.......I'm not surprised, but I'm glad that we live in an era where the internet freedom allows people to choose what is best for them, we are no longer on the years where Labels, T.V. and Radio decides what's best for us by just receiving in some cases money from untalented artists to get airplay.

I personally don't like that stupid "Gangnam Style" song, but it's kinda cool to see how an artist that was certainly unknown on many countries achieved a worldwide success by just the word of mouth, and that's the cool part of this new era of music.

Be sure to check out the Music 3.0 blog, it's amazing and it has really valuable relevant information.

See ya!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Behringer XM8500 Review - Awesome noob gear

This mic is really aimed for recording enthusiasts, but it really works great in almost any studio application you may want, the purpose behind the reviews for "noobs" here, is to start with the cheapest RIGHT products that will do the job, and will last a long time..........what a better way to do this than reviewing the Behringer XM8500.

There's almost nothing bad to say about this product, it's under 50 dollars too....but I could easily pay twice the price for a product of this quality.

The first thing that you'll notice about this is the amazing build quality, it feels heavy and it ensures durability and quality, this is the first right step for beginners (and not so beginners) that wants a mic that really stands out for vocals and instruments.

It has an incredibly wide frequency response from 50 hz to 15 khz that make things sound clearer and cleaner, it's a cardioloid dynamic mic. I should recommend this mic as the first choice for a person that has never bought a mic before and wants to give it a shot.

Another plus that the product has, it's a hard case for the mic that most "pro" mics are missing, it's a really valuable item to keep that mic safe for a long looooong f*cking time, it also includes its own mic stand adapter (such as most mics).

Like I said before, there are almost nothing bad to say about this product, except for the noise created when you hold the mic, that's a big pain in the ass that asks you to buy at least a cheap mic holder, that's the only bad thing I found on this product.

I used it on acoustic guitar recordings and it sounds really really great, I also used it on the "September 20th" song where I blended the acoustic nylon guitar with a clean chorus guitar.......and I really liked how it turned out, alongside with the Behringer XENYX 302USB it really kicked ass for an amateur recording.

You can find this amazing dynamic mic on amazon right here for just ....... 21,99 Dollars!! you can also click on the amazon publicity below to see more details

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The amazing Behringer XENYX 302USB review - Awesome noob gear Pt. 1

Well, there isn't quite an extensive review about this really cheap and affordable piece of gear from Behringer (kinda becoming my favorite brand).

There are a lot of stuff to say that no one has said about this little mixer on the web, that I'll be making this multi-part review for all of you.

This is a mini Mixer/USB Interface that can really kick major ass if you know how to use this. it has a combo input for both 1/4 instrument jack and XLR that provides up to 16v of phantom power (I'll address this in a few moments) Recording electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and vocals in a professional way for less than 60 dollars (at the time of writing this post).

But.....don't get fooled by my awesome words about this product, it has its limitations, like for instance, if you see the review on the video above (or even Behringer's website) it claims to be a 5 input can mix up to five channels, hell yeah, but in a really complex and unpractical way.

The PC only detects 2 inputs, being the left and right channel, that is some kind of disillusion, but if you're creative enough, you'll give it a good use.

There's no need for drivers on Windows or Mac, as soon as you plug this little mixer it will be instantly recognized as an USB audio device right out of the box and will be ready to record anything you goddamn want, it is powered by the USB wire that comes included (that also is the same that is used to connect some printers, so it's kinda easy to find if you lose it), has a 2-band EQ, that is most like a "High Shelf" and "Low Shelf" EQ that really pops out like a nice extra touch to shape your sound.

Now it comes the ugly part of the story.........the mistakes and limitations for this device might be a letdown for some people, but believe me, you can deal with some of this stuff:

-The 16v phantom power that this device's just pretty useless for some condenser mics, some might work, but I recommend to use this only with Dynamic Mics (I really love how the XM8500 sounds on this thing )

-The panning control isn't that great, I can maybe say that if you put the slider all the way to one side, it might pan the sound a 95%.........not a 100%

-You might find some "hiss" issues if you put the knobs above let's say 60-70% of their capacity, the important thing is that the "hiss" isn't present on the recorded file, but it is present on the monitoring side, which is one of its biggest letdowns

-And the most really annoying thing when you're recording guitar or bass is that..........there's no way in hell that the unprocessed signal may not be heard natively on this interface, that's the only part of "mixer" on this product where I really really was disappointed.

But don't get me wrong, if you know how to use this in a proper way, even the biggest disappointment can disappear and this might be one of your biggest allies on the world of home audio production, and that's the reason why I'm recommending this product.

I recorded the "September 20th" song (on the video below) entirely on this device, probing that it works besides its limitations.......check out the next part on this review to see how I dealt with those limitations and what other possibilities this product has.

You can find this awesome product on Amazon for the cheapest price I've seen, check it right here or by clicking on the publicity below